Financial support from fans affords the artist real people food, and is often used to help with funding for NEW projects! Please help keep Nick off the streets and behind a computer (he has no survival skills). Shop the store, or help with one of the options below:

Private Facebook Group

Join our small community of fans! In this group, Nick involves fans in coming up with ideas for products, frequently shares comics the day before they get released, and talks more in depth about his thought process behind comics. A nominal subscription fee helps support the artist and his new ideas.

Patreon Support

Patreon is specifically geared towards raising money for animation. From time to time supporters will get previews of comics and behind the scenes content. This is also a great way to get products or a hand-drawn sketch by Nick. Tip: start at a high tier to get the reward and if you can't afford it each month, just switch to a lower tier the next month.