OrganATTACK! Frequently Asked Questions

My last organ was taken out, but I have an instant play card (like Outbreak). Can I play my instant card after I’m taken out of the game?
(Yes, this is actually a frequently asked question.) And the official answer is YES. As creator of the game, I was a big fan of the “going down firing” style of gameplay that occasionally occurs towards the end. This can result in a draw, or just a really annoying turn of events for other people.

Can Immunity Boost block Sedate and Narcolepsy?

Can Necrosis be played on the Organ Wild card?
Yes. Necrosis counts as two Afflictions on the Organ Wild card. There was a typo in the first run of the game that contradicted this rule.

Some cards say turn, and others say full round, which is correct?
Both are correct. If a card says 1 turn, it expires after the player’s next turn, whether gameplay is reversed or not. A round is a full rotation of gameplay, which means every player will have gone before the effect expires.

If someone has Cryopreservation active, are they affected by Bureaucracy and Strategy cards? 
No. Even if a card says that every player must perform an action, the player with Cryopreservation does nothing. They cannot play, nor can they be affected by anyone else for the duration of Cryopreservation.

Can an Immunity Boost block and Immunity Boost?
Oh, for sure it can. I am an agent of chaos, how could I not allow that? Stack as many as you like!

We have a dispute.
If you have a dispute that isn’t addressed here, the simple answer is create a house rule and agree to adhere to it. My brother and I used to add taxes to the Free Parking Space in Monopoly, and whoever landed on it got the pot. House rules are how you make a game your own. We would love to hear how you play! Of course, if you want the official answer, comment below and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Do you have any strategy tips?
-Don’t get overzealous with Immunity Boost cards by blocking your first attacks. They are extremely useful and can be used on a wide variety of cards, not just Afflictions!
-Save your good cards, but not all of them. A Chart Mixup could come up at any time forcing you to discard everything.
-Cryopreservation and other defense cards are very beneficial when there are 3 players remaining because they force the other 2 players to attack each other, giving you an advantage!
-ALWAYS play with the Ready Player 6 Expansion Pack (included with the game). It’s just better. And the TEAMS expansion pack (available separately) makes the whole thing even more fun if you have enough players to form teams.

Something looks “off” about the game
There are counterfeit games circulating the Internet! To make sure you have the real game, buy it from the Awkward Store. NEVER buy OrganATTACK from Amazon unless the seller is The Awkward Yeti or Go Games and Calendars (authorized seller). If you see the game in a store, note that the inner “book” box is visibly curved at the spine and pages. The fake games are straight at the edges. If you see a fake game in a store, please mention it to the seller because they may not even know!


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