About The Awkward Yeti:

The Awkward Yeti encompasses multiple series by cartoonist Nick Seluk. The ongoing self-titled strip, The Awkward Yeti, follows Lars the yeti as he experiences everyday social awkwardness at work, in his social life, even while dating. The popular spinoff, Heart and Brain, follow the inner dialogue between the cynical, society-influenced Brain and the impulsive, optimistic Heart. Together, the three characters were metaphorically inspired by the concept of the Id (Heart), the Ego (Lars) and the Superego (Brain) but have developed their own personalities over time.

In addition to the two regular series, miscellaneous comics explore life, science and many other topics through ridiculous personification of organs, animals, and even rocks.


Originally based on a terrible painting, The Awkward Yeti starred in his own self-published children’s book of the same title in late 2012. The Awkward Yeti’s first volume of cartoons and comics was self-published in October 2013 after experiencing a lot of growth on Facebook in the first year. Only a few hundred copies were ever produced of his self-published books. His first published book, Heart and Brain: An Awkward Yeti Collection (Andrews McMeel Publishing) spent two weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list in October/November 2015.

The Awkward Yeti’s work has appeared on CBSNews.com, Huffington Post, upworthy, Bored Panda, Buzzfeed, the front page of reddit, pinterest and imgur, and blogs across the internet. Taco Bell even made a vine video based on one of the comics. It’s possible you’ve already seen The Awkward Yeti’s work and didn’t know it.

Awkward Yeti creator Nick Seluk left his job as a senior graphic designer in December 2014 to do The Awkward Yeti full time. He has always loved drawing, especially cartoons, because he finds it’s the best way to explain what he has going on in his head. In school, he used to draw cartoons that represented concepts in his notebooks, and those were always the ones that stuck with him. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Central Michigan University, but finds he learns better on his own. Nick lives in Michigan with his wife, three kids, and a very awkward dog.

Nick Seluk

Contact Nick any time for questions, comments, compliments or business-related stuff.

Frequently Addressed Topics:

The Awkward Store Support: If you have any issues or questions related to an item from theAwkwardStore.com, email store support directly – do not use this form. Be sure to include your 4-digit order number. If you placed an order via another site like Teespring or Amazon, you will need to contact that company for assistance.

Publications: If your publication is completely not for profit, you may use my web-based comics any time, as long as my URL is still the primary attribution on the image. If you require a high-res image there will be a processing fee of $50 to prepare and send. Be sure to include your company’s information in your message. For web use, please link back to theawkwardyeti.com. If your publication is for profit, please include your distribution info for a quick quote. If you work for a major media site and want to share my comics to drive traffic (i.e. in exchange for ‘exposure’) I am willing to work with you as long as I’m properly attributed with links to my site, store, book and social media sites.

Translation: I am not interested in having my comics translated at this time, however, if you wish to translate them for yourself and your friends or for non-profit use, that’s fine as long as my URL remains clear on the image. Enjoy!

Comic Ideas: I do not take ideas from other people because I like to write my own comics, BUT, if you have a topic, I will consider it. A topic is vague, like “blood clots” or “why is that dangly thing in the back of your throat?” If you start telling me what the blood clots are saying I will ignore the email, despite my appreciation for the very kind gesture. I will probably not respond to ideas, and no credit will be given if you suggest a topic unless I am specifically asking for ideas.

Will you make a comic for me? What if I pay you? I do not currently do commissioned/freelance work. I love my fans, and I really love that you’re like Heart and your significant other is like Brain, but I simply don’t have time for these types of requests. Sorry!

Praise: Who doesn’t love a good compliment? I probably won’t reply to your email unless you have a question, but I do read them all and appreciate you!

Where can I get your book and other products? Heart and Brain is available on most Amazon sites, BN.com, bookdepository.com (for those outside of the US), and in stores throughout the US and Canada (check indiebound.com for local Indie bookstores). All of my products are sold through theAwkwardStore.com 

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The Awkward Yeti
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